By Himani Gohil

Business is done by providing services or products and may possibly be either in profit or loss. The business is making profit because it allows its consumers to buy products desired by them, but is in loss if the product or service provided by the industry is not appealing. Thus to find what causes this change in the consumers behavior thorough understanding of their need is required.

User Research is done not only to find the needs of the end user but also to identify the problem. The aim of the business should be to profit by understanding where the problem lies. Now needs are basic but wants can be luxurious.  If the objective is to only make profit and not, designed considering the client, the service/product is just mediocre. But if the business is to get users attention which leads them to buy, it helps in achieving the goal. It also builds a bridge of trust between the business and its customers. The user research not only helps the service provider understand its customer by mere asking or observing, but by becoming their reflection. It helps in defining the purpose of finding the requirements of the market and the consumers. It also provides the approach of conducting the study and getting insights important for ideation and taking decision.

Image 1: User Research an Important Driver for Business
Source: Team Sahyog