The Interior & Architecture division of SAHYOG. A team with an experience of 12+ years in Architectural projects of Residence, Office building, Hospital, Institutes and Interior projects of Retail outlets, Customized residence interiors, Work Space and Studio places.

We specialize in developing Retail Interiors and have done more than 1,00,000 sq.ft of retail space in last 5 years and in last 5 months designing and executing 5000 sq.ft of retail space every month. We have designed these retail spaces keeping in mind customer friendliness, clean display details, easy manufacturing and cost effectiveness.

MegaJoules is an energy venture of Sahyog Design that caters to energy use, optimization and efficiency when it comes to building design. We at MegaJoules focus on performance of building energy systems. Making building energy responsive and efficient by using design on architectural, product and system fronts.

Megajoules has two verticals mainly ERHD [Energy Responsive Habitat Design] and BEES [Building Energy Envelope System]. ERHD looks at the simulations for buildings whereas BEES looks different products that can make, add or contribute to the building skin/envelope.

At Truly Retail, we maximise your brand’s presence on the sales floor to get their attention. Keep their attention. Earn their business. Our designs speak to who your customer is and who they want to be, creating emotional ties that translate into brand loyalty.

Truly Retail’s design approach comes with a clean and simple layout, easy for customers to navigate. The adaptation of brand images, their principles and ideologies incorporated in each of these design stores brings out a unique retail environment, specific to the store, mixed with innovative forms of retail and tradition.

DesignWay is Sahyog’s strategic division, where we specialize in solving business strategy related problems and guide how to improve upon existing models of the business. Handled by a team of qualified experts, we have developed tools of business mapping, brand placement, deep dive research and so on to understand the very core of the business.

Be it a big business or an SME, over the experience of more than 8 years, we have created a set of tools and research techniques to extract hidden insights so as to develop robust models of business optimization, improvement and expansion through a systematic, actionable and practical set of steps.

Wayfinders is a design division of Sahyog, which specializes in the research, planning, theming and designing of wayfinding and signages in any given context. Be it industrial parks, residential campuses, hospitals, public amenities like railway stations or even private spaces like resorts and malls, we have created a system of designing appropriate instruments of guiding users and equipping them with the right amount of information at the right time.

Wayfinding is not just about information. It is about communication. It is about conveying information efficiently as well as aesthetically. Driven by research and a robust methodology, our team has developed a process which can be contextualized to client needs.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking concept creates and defines roles of designers and users.
We at SAHYOG are applying the concept for better understanding of the user and designers to build trust and design what the users visualize. The importance increases at the time of designing for users with elements like ideation and empathizing.

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Multi Disciplinary

There are various concepts of working with different areas.
We at Sahyog believe in sharing and working for at field providing the contribution of that various concepts than conventional working. To get the better outcomes of design, it lessens the bridge between the visualization and execution of design.

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Sustainability is the aim of SAHYOG when it comes for future and savings.
To create and execute design, we at SAHYOG believe in sustainability and focus on people and planet rather profit.
The motive behind this binds us to think of planet and design it for the betterment of the planet.

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How we are designed

SAHYOG is a collaborative effort towards achieving desired aspiration with lots of endurance and optimism. The vision of this initiation is to create efficient and sustainable environment with the tools and skills sets of Design.
It is a design house with multiple facets, each asset with its own complexity and magnitude.The organization envisions itself to be a design catalyst and aims towards strategic management of design.

Founders of this initiation have their expertise in Architecture, Strategic Design Management, Building Physics and Energy Optimization, seeks new vistas of opportunities in various fields. Team members are architects, interior designers, product designers, visual communicators, and researchers making the organization versatile in its thought process and immensely powerful.

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